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Go! Chat for Facebook is an application with which you can send Facebook messages to all your friends, in a simple and fast way. At a glance, you can see who is online the popular social network and who is not, and send messages.

As usual, with this type of application, you have the ability to send photos and videos as message attachments via Facebook chat. In addition, you can send your GPS location and voice messages.

The application offers many customization options. You can choose between four different options that will radically change the look of the interface. And what's better, with each new update themes are added.

Some of the options Go! Chat for Facebook will allow you to activate alerts and notifications for when your best friends and favorite contacts connect to Facebook. On the opposite side you have the option to silence any contact, so you do not get any warning when receiving a message from them.

Of course, Go! Chat for Facebook is synchronized with Facebook mailbox, so that you can continue conversations started in the browser on the mobile application, and vice versa.

To facilitate communication with your friends, Go! Chat for Facebook includes the ability to create lists in the style of WhatsApp, through which you can communicate more easily with many friends within the same group.

Go! Chat for Facebook is a great communication tool, which is especially good for users accustomed to using Facebook in their daily lives.
By Ashley Thornton